July 27, 2016

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Welcome to Nourish. Heal. Live! Nourishing healthy lifestyles is the name of this game! You will find education about our current food and health systems on this site. Also, information on the importance of eating clean, organic foods and being physically active. Whether you are looking for information on how to transition to a healthier lifestyle or you are a health fanatic interested in learning something new, Nourish. Heal. Live! community is for you!

Nourishing healthy lifestyles! You will find education about our current food and health systems and clean eating. New Here? Start Here! for resources at www.nourishheallive.com
The Connection

Our food is poisoning us. Toxins are in our food and our water. Harmful chemicals are in the items we use daily from toothpaste to household cleaners. The industrialized food system utilizes tons of pesticides and fertilizers that are depleting the nutrients in our soils, polluting our waters and poisoning our food.

In 2013, frustrated and unhealthy, I looked everywhere for answers on how to transition my family and myself to a better way of eating. Healing foods videos, super foods products, diet plans, smoothie challenges, 7 to 30 day fixes, meal plans and the vast array of eBooks, free guides and online wellness coaches was overwhelming! I decided to combine my two major passions, helping others and medical research, to help others, like me, find credible information from reliable sources easier.

Nourish. Heal. Live! is geared toward helping you learn about why and how to transition to a healthier lifestyle. I will rattle and upset some people, I will validate others.  I will cause you to think. If you are here for truth, healing, understanding, motivation and validation, welcome to the community!

I invite you to read along and hopefully join in the community. My hope is that you learn to nourish and heal you and your family! Read Welcome to Nourish. Heal. Live! 

Who That Girl?

Want to know a little bit about who is behind the scenes at Nourish. Heal. Live! and how it all got started? Read About Me.

Guest Writers

Do you have an amazing blog post you would like to share with the Nourish. Heal. Live! community? Is it a DIY tutorial, a healthy parenting story, a post about your personal struggle with health?  We recommend: green DIY tutorials, health, wellness, fitness, and healing stories. Submissions are welcome from anyone at any age, any location and any level of healing or knowledge. Please read more information on how to submit your article at Contribute.

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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want to live a healthier lifestyle but have no idea where to start? I have “been there done that” and can remember the feelings of despair. Let me help provide you with answers for your health and wellness related questions! Visit Ask Tina C. to submit a question. You may view the Health Q&A Archive here.


Easy-to-make recipes, great for transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, will be added weekly! If  you wish to share a healthy recipe, please read how to submit them at Contribute. If you are transitioning with children, the smoothies, snacks and desserts are a must! Browse through our selection here.

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Having a community of people that will help to motivate and inspire each other is important. A healing journey is not easy. Transitioning to a new way of eating is tough! You will want someone to share the feelings of doubt and triumph with during  your transition to a healthy lifestyle.  Join the community by subscribing to the newsletter and following Nourish. Heal. Live! on social media. Use the social media buttons on the top right sidebar or at the bottom of every page. Get involved today!


When you succeed we succeed so Nourish. Heal. Live! offers invitation only private groups on social media.  The groups are a gathering of like-minded individuals such as healthcare professionals and health coaches, that help each other to share information so their clients can nourish a healthy lifestyle.  Having a community of professionals that help inspire and offer guidance and motivation is paramount for our society to live long and healthy lives. If you would like more information please Contact Me.

Disclaimer: The information contained in, or accessed  through, Nourish. Heal. Live! is provided to you for educational and informational purposes only.  
It is being provided to you to educate you about diet and health. Please utilize proper judgement regarding this information.  The information is not a substitute for professional health care.  Please consult a healthcare professional before starting any new health programs.

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As the Nourish. Heal. Live! community starts to grow, please be patient. There will be more content to come! Also, if you encounter glitches, error pages or anything else technical, please Contact Me.  Let me know in detail what it was that occurred, what page you were on, what you clicked, etc.  I appreciate your help!

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I am here to make a difference, to motivate people to live healthier lifestyles. I want to meet you where you are, right now, and offer you the guidance you need to live a healthier lifestyle. In helping you to succeed, you will help me spread the word. Together we can build a community that inspires, motivates and transitions unhealthy to healthy!

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