How Do You Travel With Kids And Remain Healthy?

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How do you travel with kids and remain healthy?

Submitted by the nice server, Sarah, at my favorite mountain farm-to-table restaurant, while on my last vacation.

Hey Sarah,

I told you I would post this information in the Q&A section! Others may be interested in reading the answer. I appreciate your question!

You know that I was on a weekend trip with my little family so we didn’t get too detailed. So here ya go. I have 4 tips that will answer your question, “how do you travel with kids and remain healthy?”

#1-Tell Them No

  • Tell the kids No. Explain to the kids that you have a certain amount of money (budget) for the trip and that splurges on eating out and treats will be limited. Do this before you go on any trip: day trip, weekend trip or extended trip!
  • Stick to it! Trips should be fun and exciting. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Just do your best not to let in when the kids see that ice cream shop, fudge shop, fast food joint, etc. Follow the remaining tips to keep you on point.


  • Prepare in advance. For day trips and car trips it will be easy to prepare in advance. Plane flights not so easy, but doable. Cut and prep snacks the night before you leave. Use this free 50 Rockin' Healthy Snacks for some ideas!
  • Accessible please. Keep cold snacks in a cooler bag for the trip. A cooler bag folds down as it is emptied, making them great choices for road-trips! Place the bag where you can get to it during the trip.

#3-Drink It Up

  • Drink, drink, drink. Yes they will have to go to the restroom and so will you, but you will remain hydrated. Also, fluids keep you fuller longer with less calories. Bonus: you get to stop and stretch out those muscles and let the kids run around a bit before you get back into the car.
  • Accessible please. Fill a separate cooler bag with water and juicy fruits, like oranges and apples for the trip. Make sure you can get to the bag while you are traveling.

#4-Choose Wisely

  • Pit Stop! You can eat out while you are traveling and still remain healthy! Have fun and enjoy local foods! Just choose healthier options. For example: Get the baked sweet potato instead of the fries. Choose thin crust or hand tossed instead of deep dish. Drink water with lemon or tea instead of soda. Choose chicken or fish over beef and pork. See how easy that is?
  • Make Your Meals. If possible try to prepare your meals in the place where you are staying. Just like at home, make a list before you shop to help keep you focused at the store. Use the free  Shopping List - Fillable!


  • Indulge yourself. When you want that handmade super duper deluxe mint chocolate chip fudge dipped ice cream cone that only that place you are visiting offers, get it! Enjoy it! If you are in Italy and want that meatball the size of a softball sitting on your plate of homemade pasta and family recipe sauce, get it! Enjoy it!
  • In moderation. Just remember everything in moderation. Do your best the rest of the day to eat healthy so that you can go wild for that one meal that you took the trip to enjoy!

There are the 4, well 5, main ways that I remain healthy while traveling with my kids.

P.S. Read Mom Tip: Don’t Panic Make Healthy Snacks and Mom Tip: Save Money on Healthy Snacks Like A Pro for more information that could help you while traveling with kids. Don’t forget to download your free tools!

Let me know if this was helpful for you, Sarah! Thank you for your question and our little chat about Nourish. Heal. Live!

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