Tastes like a tropical island escape! Add coconut rum to Tropical Escape Smoothie for an amazing adult beverage! #thirstythursday Get the easy recipe at www.nourishheallive.com

Tropical Escape Smoothie

An easy and fun to make smoothie that tastes like a Tropical Island Escape!  Imagine sitting on your dream island, beach side under the shady palms. Listening to the warm breeze gently blow through the fronds above. Smelling the salty air as you sip your cold beverage. Tropical Escape Smoothie Yes, this could be that Read more about Tropical Escape Smoothie[…]

Simply Fresh Fruit Salad is just that, simple, fresh and a fruit salad! Light and refreshing, quick and easy! Find other easy, simple and fun healthy recipes at www.nourishheallive.com

Simply Fresh Fruit Salad

Let’s face it, coming off of a Standard American Diet (SAD) is difficult. Having a go-to, no-fail recipe box full of easy, simple and fun recipes is necessary. Keeping fruits and vegetables in your kitchen is important during your transition. When you begin to replace the processed foods with fresh, whole, living foods you begin to feed Read more about Simply Fresh Fruit Salad[…]

LOVE: The 6 Best 2-Ingredient Recipes! Pinning for food to make when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle with or without kids. Read more: www.nourishheallive.com

The 6 Best Two Ingredient Recipes: Round-Up

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen! This week’s #MomTipMonday post is a round-up of: The 6 Best Two Ingredient Recipes! Do you love cakes, cookies, fudge, ice cream or truffles? Me too! Are you transitioning to a healthy lifestyle and have no idea what you can eat? I was there once! We all Read more about The 6 Best Two Ingredient Recipes: Round-Up[…]

Is your garden growing wild with zucchini? Don't worry, we can grill them up for dinner! Grab the full recipe at www.nourishheallive.com

Grilled Zucchini Steaks

Don’t know what to do with those pesky zucchini? I do! Make Zucchini Steaks! Keep scrolling for the full recipe! Make Steaks Is your garden growing wild with zucchini? Don’t worry, we can grill them up for dinner! Cut, oil and grill it is that simple! Flavor your steaks for whatever mood you are in: Read more about Grilled Zucchini Steaks[…]

Healthier Choice Bold Snack Mix is excellent for any time snacking. Get more easy recipes for your healthy lifestyle transition www.nourishheallive.com

Healthier Choice Bold Snack Mix

Snacking is good for you! When you make healthier snack choices! Read on for the recipe for an awesome snack mix! When you begin to transition to a healthier lifestyle you may notice that you feel hungry a lot. This is natural. Your body needs nutrients and energy to power through each day. Snacks are a Read more about Healthier Choice Bold Snack Mix[…]

Bored with water? Get fruit infused H2O! Infused water is simple to make, refreshing and tastes great! Get the recipe at www.nourishheallive.com

Fruit Infused H2O

Staying hydrated is important regardless of what foods we choose to eat. Water (H2O) Facts H20 is the chemical formula for water. It means that one molecule of water is made of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen, bound together. We all need water to survive.  The human adult body is made up of 60% Read more about Fruit Infused H2O[…]

Tangy Banana Bars are the perfect mix of sweet and sour! Dense banana cake topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. #vegan Recipe at: www.nourishheallive.com

Tangy Banana Bars

Have you ever brought produce home and it wasted away before you could eat it? For most, the banana is the main culprit. We all have thrown out old brown bananas. You know you hate to eat those mushy things! Well, what are we supposed to do with them? They start smelling sickeningly sweet and Read more about Tangy Banana Bars[…]