Motivation Monday: Are You Poisoning Yourself?

Time again for a #MotivationMonday post! Are you poisoning yourself? Hope I got your attention. Now, settle in and read on to find out what motivation I have planned for you!Motivation Monday: Are You Poisoning Yourself? What kind of #motivationmonday post is this? Find out at

Are You Poisoning Yourself?

The quote, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”, resonates deeply for me. As I prepared to write a Motivation Monday post for the Nourish. Heal. Live! community this quote stuck out in my mind. I thought to myself, “What a fitting topic for someone interested in starting to live a healthy lifestyle.” Let me explain.

The theme for September and October at Nourish. Heal. Live! is: Transitioning To A Healthy Lifestyle. The quote fits in perfectly for what I want to convey to my readers. You have a choice!

Yes, you have a choice! So many people out there have no clue what is in their food, how healthy it is, what it is doing to their bodies or why we as a society are getting sicker.

Do any of you care? I know I do! But until the information was put in front of my face I lived a sedentary life like most people, eating a Standard American Diet (SAD).

I ate breakfast on the way to work, bought lunch at the local take-out counter and picked up dinner on my way home from work. My workday consisted of sitting at a desk for long hours. On my way to work I sat in the car. On my way home I sat in the car. When I got home from work, I sat and watched tv or did homework on a computer for a few more hours.

Sounds extremely unhealthy typing that out. I can feel my cholesterol levels increasing as I reread the paragraph above. My body took a huge hit. Those were the years that I was the most unhealthy I had ever been.

Can you relate? Yes, you can. Most of us are use to the convenience of processed foods, packaged meats and dairy. It has become the Standard American Diet.

Ann Wigmore

Dr. Ann Wigmore is known for her many years of helping heal people the natural way through organic, raw and living foods. Her belief was that through a diet of raw foods, sprouting, dehydration, and vegetarian and fruitarian living, along with weeds and wheatgrass juicing that healing naturally would take place. She healed herself and that led to her life work, healing others.

Dr. Wigmore wrote many books on the subject along with opening a healing center. She passed away tragically due to smoke inhalation from a fire. Her legacy continues on at the Ann Wigmore Foundation® Living Foods Lifestyle® Retreat Center in San Fidel, New Mexico, where people go to learn the Living Foods Lifestyle.1

Over the 30+ years that Dr. Wigmore operated her Retreat Center and published books, she became an icon of the healthy lifestyle movement. You can find her quotes and written works throughout the internet. She continues to inspire many of those transitioning to and already living a healthy lifestyle.

The Addiction

Oh yes, the SAD food tastes great! Those processed foods are made in ways to make you crave it, similar to drugs. Medical studies of food addiction have focused on highly craved foods, such as fast foods. The studies were geared toward finding out if the nutrients of the food, the characteristics of fast food consumers or the presentation and packaging of fast food may encourage substance dependence, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.

Most of the fast food meals are sold with soda, which increases the sugar content 10-fold. Caffeine is known to be a substance of dependence. Caffeinated drinks are a driving sales gimmick in fast food.

There has been limited evidence suggesting that the high levels of fat and salt in fast food may increase addictive potential. They study states, “fast food restaurants cluster in poorer neighborhoods and obese adults eat more fast food than those who are normal weight.” People who are obese have faulty hormones that normally control appetite and let them know when to stop eating. Once obese, many people meet criteria for psychological dependence according to this study. While the concept of fast food addiction remains to be proven, these findings support the role of fast food as a potentially addictive substance that is most likely to create dependence in vulnerable populations.2

The Motivation

You have two choices. Choose to eat healthy, life giving, nutritious foods and heal. Or choose the Standard American Diet of fast foods, processed foods, boxed foods, processed frozen meals and pesticide laden fruits and vegetables and slowly poison yourself to death. Checkout the latest fully compiled Death Totals from the CDC for 2014:

  • TOTAL DEATHS: 2,696,418 — 100% of total deaths
  • HEART DISEASE: 614,34 — 23.4% of total deaths
  • CANCERS: 591,699 — 22.5% of total deaths
  • DIABETES MELLITUS: 76,488 — 2.9% of total deaths3

So many people are dying each year from preventable diseases! The top level U.S. health institutions, in charge of statistics and controlling the health of our Nation publicly printed a statement that says, “Up to 40% of annual deaths from each of five leading US causes are preventable”. 4  That is all the motivation that I need to get me and my family on board a healthy lifestyle.

How does knowing that information make you feel? If you have known a loved one that suffered and died from cancer or a heart attack, you may feel pretty upset by this information. Could eating healthier and exercising as little as 30 minutes a day saved them from an early death? There is your motivation.

It may seem harsh, but I wanted to get your attention. My goal is to educate people about the importance of eating clean, organic foods and being physically active. If making a few changes in how you eat and adding a little exercise to your day could save your life or someone you love, would you do it?

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How shocked are you with the statistics above? Tell me in the comments below.

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