6 Things Not to Do in the New Year

Let me be the first to say, a little prematurely, Happy New Year Journey Buddies! As we prepare to usher in a new year the majority of us will do as we always do, make those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. Stop it!

That is right, I said it! Stop right there. Don’t you dare make your resolutions before you have read my 6 Things Not to Do in the New Year!

Let me walk you through my countdown of what not to do in the coming year. Pick a quiet corner and pull up a cushy seat. Take some time to yourself for yourself and prop your feet up. Now, let’s get on with this countdown!

6 Things Not to Do in the New Year:

#6- Do Not Forget!

Sit down with pen and paper, notepad on your PC or your cell phone and make a list. List 10 things that you accomplished this last year on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. Write down the little and big things you managed to do and kept doing most of the year.

For instance: if you managed to change to diet soda instead of sugar-filled sodas, write it down. If you were able to switch from white bread to whole wheat bread, write it down. Were you doing 30 minutes of exercise 2-4 days a week? You get the point, write it down!

Accomplishments are important. If you have lived for 20-60 years eating the Standard American Diet it may not be easy to change those habits. Make a list and keep it so that you can look back on it this time next year!

#5- Do Not Stress!

Some people can make changes faster than others. Do not compare your accomplishments to others. Be proud of your own accomplishments!

Take a moment to review your list of 10 things that you were able to accomplish this last year. Be proud of yourself! Know that those are things you have changed and will continue to do throughout the new year.

Do not stress over what you did not accomplish. Not everyone can lose 60 lbs. in three months. Nor can everyone get a hard body by working out for six months. Every body, every schedule, every diet (what we eat) is different for every person.

Do not focus on, give energy to or stress over what you were not able to accomplish. Be proud of you and what you have done for yourself and your family!

#4- Do Not Over Do It!

So many people see the fad diet of the day and think that it might work for them. People, let us be real. What you put in is what you get out. What actions you take is what results you will see.

Remember that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about looking good for beach season or losing a few lbs. so we can attract the opposite sex. Our goal should be to live a long healthy life. When we focus on that we not only feel good, but we look good too.

If you put in cookies, soda and fast food you will get an unhealthy body. If you sit at work all day, drive home and sit at home all night, you will get an unhealthy body. A pill, a shake and a fad workout DVD will not give you the results unless you put forth the effort to make permanent changes.

Know your level of health by reading 5 Easy Ways to Start Living Healthy Today. Make a list of things you would like to accomplish toward living a healthy lifestyle. Start by making small changes. Once you have accomplished one then move on to another.

Do not over do it! Make small changes permanently. Over time they will build up. It becomes easier as you see yourself making healthy changes.

#3- Do Not Starve Yourself!

How many of you have tried the diets that limit how much you can eat? Drinking powdery shakes all day until dinner or eating food from colored bowls to follow the rules of a diet plan? You and I both have probably been there done that.

The worst part of it is being hungry! You follow the rules, you may lose some weight but you are starving! Why torture yourself? Just make better choices!

Try to get fast food and processed foods out of your daily life. Eat snacks and treats just make sure to eat healthier snacks. Choose white meat instead of red meat. Put more vegetables on your plate. And you can eat salads anytime if you are still hungry (just limit the salad dressing and toppings).

Making healthy choices this new year will help you toward your goals. You won’t have to follow rigid rules or deal with those gross shakes. Begin making choices now that will benefit you the rest of your life.

#2- Do Not Hit The Gym!

If you have not spent time in the gym this past year of having a membership, do not renew your membership. Start out by doing 30 minutes of walking five days per week. If you are more advanced, purchase gym equipment at home from any virtual yard sales.

Start out small and work your way up. There are facebook groups that can help you stay motivated. Check out YouTube for workout videos that you can do at home. Anyone at any level can find workout videos online for free.

Most streaming software applications offer workout videos you can watch on your television. Enlist a few friends or neighbors in an evening walking program. Safety in numbers ladies.

Do yourself a favor and get outside. Join up with others and enjoy making new friends while you exercise. Do not hit the gym this year, unless you are already a gym freak. Get creative, get moving and save your money.

#1 – Do Not Diet!

For years consumers have vowed to lose weight in the new year. So many people have jumped on the diet bandwagon for the New Year that Corporate marketing has targeted those individuals at this time every year.

Do not diet people! Don’t fall for the gimmicks. Don’t starve yourselves.

Get out there and find locally grown and organic foods. It is now even easier to find in your local grocery stores. The more we ask for it, the more they will put it on the shelves.

Eat good food, foods that are alive with vibrant colors. Drink water to help you stave off hunger a little longer. Carry healthier snacks with you everywhere you go. Make healthier choices at home and when dining out.

Make this year one for the books ladies and gentlemen. Take charge of your health, no one else will!

P.S. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year! Let’s rock this one out! See you in 2017 Journey Buddies!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Tell me in the comments below!

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